The word VUSELELA means REVIVE.This is exactly what Imuno-Active does. It revives the human immune system. Not only does it revive the human immune system, it also enhances and strengthens the overall immunityof the human body against constant viral infection attacks.Imuno-Active is a 100% South African product. A product by South Africans for South Africans.We, like the San and other indigenous tribes from Southern Africa firmly believe in the absolute healing power and abilities of our indigenous plants. We have seen incredible results in amongst HIV positive people, people suffering from TB, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cholesterol and other diseases, not to mention the prevention of common viral infections and providing energy to do a day’s productive work. (See product insert for full list of indications)The numerous independent tests and trials at clinics and hospices confirm that people using Imuno-Active recuperated faster than those using only prescribed drugs and medication.Because of some misperceptions regarding African Potatoes we have formulated an additional product, Imuno-Active Plus, which contains Sutherlandia. This product produces good results, cancer patients in particular experience great results.


 Good Health

Imuno-Active is manufactured and packed under strict GMP conditions in a SABS and MCC compliant laboratory in Pretoria. All Vuselela Herbal products are registered with the Medicine Control Council, under current MCC application and protocol terms. Most medical Aid schemes in South Africa payfor Imuno-Active capsules.Imuno-Active is a registered South African patent. Patent number 2003/3261.All ingredients used in our products are regulated and adhere to standards set by SABS. The African potato used in our products is harvested in the Limpopo province, hence providing much needed income to rural communities in that province. Imuno-Active is an immune system modulator and immune booster, a food supplement and energy provider – all in one. This is achieved with the correct combination of high quality ingredients.Our baseline product, Imuno-Active consists of African potato, Aloe Ferox and added Amino Acids, all other vitamins and minerals to supply the body its optimal daily nutritional requirements. Imuno-Active is not only for the ill, this product is essential for every person wishing to maintain his or her health.This product is used as a food supplement or as part of a nutritional program. Because of the processes used nowadays to ripen fruit and vegetables, a lot of the food’s natural nutritional value is lost.This fact makes it imperative to use an immune booster and supplement like Imuno-Active on a daily basis.